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Water Systems Compared

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· Energized/Activated Water Systems

· Alkalizing water systems

· Purifying Water Systems

· Distilling Water Systems

· Physical v Energetic

Energized Water Systems


· The AquaCharge System, as described on this site and elsewhere. This is based on the power of paramagnetism, orgonite, powerful magnetite and the use of potentized water, and a number of other ingredients which work synergistically with the forces above, to give an energetically cleared water. Definitely the cheapest, and we believe also the best. As we say in our advertisements, ‘beware expensive imitations’!


· The Grander Water System is the competitor normally quoted as the standard, simply because it has had more promotional dollars and been around for longer than the others. It also has a long list of middle men which leads to unnecessarily high prices. However this system does have an effect on water due to its use of magnetism (man-made magnets, which are not as desirable as natural magnets, especially magnetite, in connection with the human system), and the placement of some potentized water within the unit, and finally due to the use of turbulence - that is, the water hits a ‘wall’ within the unit and as a result some of the weak hydrogen bonds are broken mechanically. Prices seem to begin in the $1500 range and go up rapidly from there, depending on the volume you are running through the unit. Another drawback is the fact that you need to orientate the unit, and use a plumber to cut it into your pipe system.


· WTV System - a nicely engineered and manufactured unit, this is also cut into the system, and it uses the power of vortical movement (spiral) to help to energise the water, along with natural magnets. This is the 2nd best unit, in my opinion.


· The Vortex Energiser from England also seems to be a good unit, as it uses both potentized water and the effects of a ‘virtual’ spiral, ie, due to placing a copper spiral around the water pipe… However, I haven’t tested it in practice, I am speaking theoretically—energetically, the idea seems sound to me.


· There are other systems which use a variety of methods, some of which rely on pseudo-scientific language which confuses rather than clarifies. Some are ok, but most seem to be based on wishful thinking more than anything else.






Alkalizing water systems


A water ioniser is an "intelligent water filter", which separates the unwanted acid components from the beneficial alkaline components. However, some waters are not suitable for ionisation without filtering due to high levels of salts or similar. This is the case with many bore waters.

A water alkaliser is the best technical device to produce oxygen-rich alkaline water.


The water alkaliser causes the water in the tank to be divided by a semi-permeable membrane. The hydrogen ions form on one side, and the oxygen ions form on the other. The membrane acts like a gate, slowing down the migration of ions. Left long enough without the polarising voltage, the ion divided tank will eventually neutralise by ions recombining through the membrane with their partners. For more on this see here.


Here’s a very good tip—use pure Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) to alkalise your water cheaply whenever you want. This abundant and cheap compound is used by progressive medical workers in numerous beneficial ways.




Purifying Water Systems


Physical filters include such systems as Reverse Osmosis, Mixed Bed Ion Exchange, Distilling, etc.

The problem with using only a physical filter on water is the homeopathic understanding of physical filtering - in Homeopathy, it has been clearly established that as physical substances are removed progressively from water, the potency of those substances increases! So it is quite possible that just removing noxious substances from water by filtering could possibly increase the potency of those substances. That is, their ‘frequency signature’ becomes stronger. Thus one also needs an energy filter , ie, a method to remove the memories that are held by the structuring of the water molecules, and that is what the Aquacharge does.




Distilled Water Systems (and Reverse Osmosis)


"Pure" H20 water is not healthy water. That doesn't sound right - I know. The word 'pure' by itself means nothing. Pure water is H2O and nothing else. Pure water is distilled water and can be used to top up car batteries etc., but it is not for drinking - it does not make us healthy. It replaces H2O only but not the energy and minerals we need to rebuild our body on a daily basis. Not even fish can live in pure H20 (distilled) water.

Distilled water has no minerals at all and is not suitable for the production of acid and alkaline water. The same is the case with R.O water.

It appears even that such water leaches the minerals it needs from our bodies, so it is best to be wary of drinking such water. (Under controlled conditions, this can be used to help in chelation of undesirable heavy metals in the tissues, but that is all.)

In fact, I suggest you replace the needed minerals somehow—the best way I’ve found to do that is to add some drops of Cellfood to the water, or colloidal minerals. For more information on cellfood, see here.

NOTE WELL: We make no medical claims for any of our products, which are designed to work on the environment. They are in constant evolution and the subject of on-going research and we invite you to assist in that research in any way.  See also our disclaimer.